You want to learn American accent for Free? The the more adventurous route of "Hacks".

HACKS: 5 Hacks To An Awesome American Accent

Written from over 5 years of experience and researching into the field of accent “hacking”. The Hacks are for you if you love challenges and want to learn the American accent the Free Way.


Find it hard to commit or discipline yourself? Then a paid course is what you need.

LEARN: My Reviews Of Some Paid American Accent Courses Online.

Under “Learn”, I try different American accent programs and recommend to you the most effect, affordable and credible ones. Such paid courses are for you if you prefer some guidance and more structure in your learning. (Or you’re just … plain lazy to do everything on your own.)

Whatever your choice is,  my goal  is to help you speak English more confidently so you could achieve more success in life.